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     Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)

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    Lilliana Noel

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    Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) Empty
    PostSubject: Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)   Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) EmptyMon Dec 29, 2014 11:04 pm

    A few weeks of lessons in and already their Professor had them doing practical work; they were given opportunities to work in the hospital wing, alongside the trained Healers, to deal with minor incidents. It was strictly voluntary based, and for the first week Lily stayed away, not wanting to have to deal with people outside her course just yet. Her mother, however, had disagreed, saying it would be 'good for her'. Many letters later, Lilliana had given in and signed herself up for the next shift.

    It wasn't as bad as she expected, and the other people on duty were nice. Her mother had been right - observing the Healers on duty taught her much more than any Professor giving a lecture, no matter how good. She herself had, an hour into her time there, assisted two people. The entire time, she kept her eyes focused on the point of injury and the spells, not daring to look into any of their faces.

    Bella was seated in the corner of the room, and while she attracted many stares and odd looks, she kept out of the way and nobody ever brought up any question - or at least, not to Lilliana. She knew that the Professors had been briefed, but if the Healers and caretakers of the Uni had also been told she wasn't sure, and she most certainly was not going to go around asking if they did.

    Lunch break had just finished, and Lily was quietly sitting in the corner with her personal notebook. The Healers were gossiping among themselves, but she was quite happy to be by herself, doing her own thing. Engrossed in what she was doing, she didn't hear her name being called the first time, but then Bella tapped her on the shoulder and she stood up at once, dropping her notebook and moving to the healer that called her name.

    "You have a patient," the Healer told her, pointing her to one of the beds.

    Nodding, she walked towards it. "Hello, my name is Lilliana and I'm here to help," she said softly, not looking up at the student. "What seems to be the problem today?"
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    Christian Sanderson

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    Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)   Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) EmptyMon Dec 29, 2014 11:49 pm

    It never occured to him, not really, how large this castle was. Christian had taken his first day on campus to explore the various floors and hallways. It was always best to know where he was, what was around him, than not to. But as much as he thought he knew these walls, they seemed completely foreign when he was walking around with blood on his hands. Literally.

    He'd been a late addition to the academy. Amelia had been sick with the flu for the first few weeks of term, and Christian hadn't been able to leave her side. Not that he'd wanted to. She was two, now, but he still felt that every cough or sniffle became the center of his world. Thankfully, the Headmaster had been understanding of his situation, and invited him to join in when he could. He'd have to do extra work, to make up for lost time, but he was willing.

    Having arrived a few months behind, he'd been eager to get into shape. While he'd never truly let himself go, there hadn't been much time to focus on himself. That's what this whole 'going back to school' thing was about. His parents had practically pushed him out the door, saying they'd take care of the little one. Begrudgingly, he'd gone. A strange mix of emotions weighing in his chest every hour that he was away. He needed the time, more than anything, but...

    His eyes fell on the door to the hospital wing. Thank Merlin. Stupidly, he'd thrown himself at the ropes course first thing upon seeing the training fields. He hadn't thought ahead enough to bring gloves or wraps, and soon his hands were a bloody mess. Hard to cast a proper healing spell, no matter how minor, when it burned like hell to hold his wand. As he looked down at the cuts on his hands, he saw blood dripping onto the stone floor.

    "Damn," he whispered. It wasn't hard to find a nurse, then, and get placed in a bed. He wasn't the laying down type, so he went for sitting. One leg dangled off the side, while his other was tucked under him. Keeping his hands over the bed, he figured it was easier to clean sheets than stone.

    Not long after that, a quiet voice interrupted his thoughts. He looked up to find a pair of ice blue eyes...staring at the floor. She must be a student, he mused, figuring, hoping that a certified healer would at least look him in the eyes. He would think he was troubling her, being here and needing treatment, if it was for her words. I'm here to help. She couldn't have skipped that part. But she hadn't.

    His hands throbbed something aweful, then, bringing his mind back to the present. "I...well, my hands." He held them out just a bit, but a few drops fell onto the floor. "Oh, bloody hell..." Moving them back to rest on the bed sheet, he felt heat creep up his neck in embarrassment. He was probably twice this girl's size, and here he was, a helpless git needing to be bandaged up. What would he do in the field, if something like this happened?

    Die of stupidity, I suppose.
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    Lilliana Noel

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    Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)   Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) EmptyTue Dec 30, 2014 12:18 am

    "I...well, my hands."

    The first thing she noticed was the blood, the rounds circles of red that landed on the floor with an inaudible plop. Wincing herself, she at once realized that was not something she should have done; they were taught to not show negative emotions, but she simply couldn't help it. The wounds on his hands looks so painful and so raw.

    Did the Healers on duty seriously thing she was able to handle this? It wasn't as though blood made her queasy, but the damage to his hands looks severe and for a moment her mind froze. What spell would be able to take care of this?

    "Oh, bloody hell..."

    Chuckling lightly, she shook her head. "I'm sure it looks worse than it is," she said, trying to comfort him as well as her own mind. And it usually was that way, too, with most wounds. The bleeding was a problem, though - she would definitely need to deal with that.

    Slipping out her wand, she tried to run through what she had learnt, finally settling on one of the most basic ones. Gently taking one of his hands she turned it side to side, assessing the wounds carefully. "How did you manage that?" she asked, tone as soft as ever. Making conversation. That was something they were also told to do, as it apparently made the patients feel more at ease, and despite this being a voluntary thing, she was quite certain that the healers on duty would evaluate her performance.

    "Episkey," she muttered, watching with some satisfaction as the cuts closed themselves up. She had to repeat the spell a few times, so severe was the amount of cuts. Lowering the hand, she picked up his other and repeated the entire process. Once both were done, she made to start cleaning them, but then realized she had forgotten the most important part. Pausing, she lifted her head slightly, but stopped before she could make eye contact.

    "Any more injuries?"
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    Christian Sanderson

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    Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)   Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) EmptyTue Jan 06, 2015 10:19 pm

    Christian's brow furrowed at the barest of movements from the girl. Maybe when he was younger, he wouldn't have noticed the slight wince. But he'd gotten better in recent years, reading people. He...had to. If he didn't feel bad about needing assistance before, he bloody did now. They'd sent a student in here, probably a first year that had barely even seen a patient, let alone treat one, and now he was probably making her sick to her stomach.

    Great way to start the academic career, eh?

    He was surprised then, to hear her soft laugh. It was quiet, so that he almost wondered if he imagined it, before she spoke. Her words forced a smile out of himself that he didn't expect. Christian new that technique, better than he'd like to admit. His mom had taught it to him. If Amelia fell and scrapped her knee, it was someone else's reaction that determined how she reacted. If an adult worried over her, she would cry. If they picked her up and told her she was fine, she would be. He liked to think that she was tougher than most kids, since she tended towards the latter, but he wondered if it wasn't just human nature.

    "You're probably right. Stings like hell, though."

    He watched the girl work delicately, moving over his hands, examining. Practically seeing the thoughts churning in her mind, he was surprised that she carried on a conversation as well. "Well...I guess you could say I lost a battle with a rope course." His mouth twitched with a half smile. Humor had always been his fallback, when he'd gotten himself in sticky situations. Being with new people, surrounded by strangers, it was coming to the forefront again. "You should see the other guy."

    A soft hiss escaped him as the cuts started closing on their own. They were small, and it wasn't as if he could feel them all individually, but there was this nagging itching feeling. Under normal circumstances, he'd be scratching away at them, but he held still.

    Her question caught him off guard. "Oh, Just these." Looking back up at her face, he saw her eyes fixed just below his face. Looking down at his shirt, his brow furrowed. "Did I get blood on myself or something?" He couldn't find any.

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    Lilliana Noel

    Posts : 46

    Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)   Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) EmptyWed Jan 07, 2015 5:00 am

    Smiling at his statement, she let out a breath. He seemed to be much calmer than what she was feeling in her mind, and that helped quite a bit. It was weird, having a patient be the one to calm her down, instead of the other way around, but she kept a small smile on her face the entire time, pretending as though she wasn't close to panic mentally. Seeing people in pain, especially with such graphic open wounds was not something she expected to deal with so early on. "I'm sure it hurts," she agreed. "I certainly wouldn't imagine it tickles."

    Raising an eyebrow, she couldn't help but let out a tiny giggle at his joke. "And why were you fighting with something like that?" she asked, keeping him distracted. "Never take on someone bigger than you, unless you're sure you can win, or you'll be seeing me more often than you'd like." Light conversation was not something she was good at, especially if she had to do it on the fly, without her notebook to guide her every word. Still, it was different, but if in a good or bad way, she still wasn't quite sure; it was merely something she had not had to do before.

    At the hiss, she smiled a little. "Itchy, isn't it? That would be your skin stretching to cover the exposed flesh," she explained. While she herself at never experienced it, they had been taught about the different side effects and etceteras of the potions and spells they would use. "Don't you dare scratch it, though, mister, or you'll just open them up again," she added, in what she hoped was a stern tone, but was probably nothing out of the ordinary.

    Nodding as he explained he wasn't hurt anywhere else, she had just pulled the tray of tools to her side when he spoke again. Giving him a look over, she shook her head. "Not that I can see, except for the dried ones on your hand. I'll be getting there in a moment," she told him, thinking he was concerned about staining his clothes.

    Selecting a tiny bottle of brown liquid, she picked up one of his hands, the newly grown skin looking red and the scar raw. "Essence of Dittany," she explained, opening the bottle and removing the dropper. "It prevents scaring. Two drops ought to do it." Carefully squeezing the pump, she released exactly two drops, before doing the same with the other hand.

    "There, all done! Now we just need to get this blood cleaned up and we're good to go. How are you feeling so far?"
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    Christian Sanderson

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    Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)   Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) EmptyFri Jan 16, 2015 1:22 am

    A small chuckle escaped Christian, past the lasting pain in his hands. "Oh, I've no doubt I'll be here again, Miss. Auror-in-training," he smirked softly. "It's a kind word for 'stupidity', if there ever was one." While he was actually rather proud of what he was majoring in, he knew it was a reckless persuit, as far as safety went. But wizards weren't the only ones to have dangerous jobs. Even muggles understood the risks of giving ones life to protect others.

    At the girl's attempt at an authoritative tone, Christian had to fight back a smile. While she seemed entirely focused on his wounds, he wouldn't miss the opportunity to size up the person seeing him this vulnerable. It wasn't that he thought of her as a threat. But the idea that someone was seeing him like this...well, it just wasn't common. And the way she was trying to intimidate him into behaving himself? Well, she obviously didn't know him. He bit back any remarks that were flitting through his mind, though. She was helping him, after all.

    He sighed softly, his comment obviously not understood correctly. Honestly, he didn't know why it bothered him, the fact that she didn't seem to care one lick who she was helping. It made him feel like, nothing. Just another nobody. Maybe it was the fact that he was new here, or that he was finally trying to get back to who he was as an individual. Either way, it kind of bothered him that she was completely ignoring him.

    Before he could say anything, however, the drops of whatever she called it made contact with his skin. His hand twitched slightly in her grip, expecting it to burn. Instead, a cooling sensation spread through the skin.

    At the girl's words, realization dawned on Christian: he'd be walking out of here soon. While he was happy to have this whole ordeal over with, there was a strange feeling tugging at his mind. Looking down at the girls hands as she worked to clean his own blood off his hands, he was surprised how gently she worked.

    With a sudden urge, he gently took one of hers in his clean hand. "Thanks...for the help." There was more he could say, he was sure of it, but he didn't know what. His eyes moved up to hers, which had stayed downcast this whole time. He was suddenly curious: what color would they be?
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    Lilliana Noel

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    Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)   Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) EmptyFri Jan 16, 2015 10:17 pm

    "You can call me Lilliana. Miss sounds too formal." The words came out before she knew what she was thinking, let alone process if it were something she should say. This is exactly why I need my notebook, she groaned internally, a light blush tinting her cheeks as she continued with her movements. She was not going to let her failure at communication get the better of her. Not this time, at least.

    As he sighed, she stopped a slight frown from showing; her mind started trying to figure out what was meant by that. It had sounded almost frustrated, and that worried her. Did I do something wrong? He should be glad it was such an easy fix... Unless I missed something. Did I miss something? Or maybe I said something wrong? Now Lilliana was getting worked up over it, concerned that she had done something offensive, or missed an important step. Summoning up as much courage as she had, she fought against her natural instincts to keep quiet and instead asked, "Is everything okay?"

    Removing her wand once again, she pointed at the patches of blood, muttering different cleaning spells. The bleeding had been so substantial and he had lost so much blood that it literally took her a few minutes to get it all off. Quite honestly, though, while the wounds had been deep, they were mostly superficial, and had not posed as a big threat, despite the amount of blood. Finally, everything was spotless. "There we go. Only a few faded scars as a reminder, and they should disappear in a few days," she concluded.

    Her next words caught in her throat and died as he took her hand. It was the most genuine thank you she had received the entire day, and she smiled in return. But then she saw his eyes moving towards hers, and for a moment, lowered her head so that he couldn't make eye contact. Heart racing, she realized just how rude it was, and made up her mind that, at the very least, she could do that. Besides, he was just about to leave, and she doubted she would ever see him again, so if anything did happen, it would remain a secret forever. She would never have to see him again, right?

    Making up her mind in that moment, she took a deep breath and prepared herself mentally before tilting her head up ever-so-slightly, and let her eyes find his. To her surprise, they were not what she expected - and it wasn't as if she was even expecting anything, per se - but rather a light greyish sort of shade, that tinted blue and green. They reminded her, in an odd way, of her own - which was definitely something, since she was always told how unique her eye colour was. "Y-you're most welcome," she replied, softly, adding a, "Is there anything else you need?" as required.
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    Christian Sanderson

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    PostSubject: Re: Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)   Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) EmptyThu Jan 29, 2015 10:52 pm


    He liked it. Alyshia had wanted to go more alternative, when they were picking out names for their child. She'd like things like 'Chad', or 'Wendy'. But Christian had always been partial to more...lyrical names. Ones that had a bit of history behind them, even just in the word itself. It was why he was insistant on calling his daughter by her full name. 'Amy' would just never do her justice. Not with as much hell as she gave him, even though he loved her for it.

    At her question, his words poured out before he even really knew what his answer was. "Yeah, no,'ve been great. It's all fine..." Bollocks. He'd never, in his life, had issues talking to girls. He'd been faithful to Alyshia, from the very beginning, but it didn't mean he'd acted like a leper with other women. He'd always been charming, witty, but a true gentleman. And now....he felt like a bumbling idiot.

    For a second, it looked like the girl, Lilliana, would simply nod and walk out. But as he practically willed her with his intent, her eyes slowly rose to meet his. That nagging feeling at the back of his mind, that had been so insistant for her to meet his gaze, felt like it had finally relaxed. Blown away on a summer breeze. Or winter...either one, his mind supplied. Her eyes were like a mixture of the light bluish grey that his was, and something a bit...warmer. He swallowed, trying to remember what it was exactly he'd been doing just now.

    Leaving. Yes. That. He slid off the bed to stand, his eyes still on her face, even with the height difference now. He'd been caught up in his own thoughts, it hadn't even occurred to him to, you know....actually let go over her hand. When he realized it, he pulled away immediately, a guilty grin spreading across his face to hide the embarrassment. Said offending hand made it's way to the back of his neck, rubbing it in nervousness.

    "Um...not really. I'm Christian, by the way. Figured you'll end up going on about the idiot who almost ruined his hands with the other healers and what not. Thought I'd better own up to it, you know." He didn't even know what he was saying anymore. "I, um, probably should go." He gestured towards the exit.

    Pursing his lips, he took in one more look at her, pausing just a moment. With a deep inhale that totally didn't make this whole thing weirder, he moved away from her. "Right. Thanks again." Turning his back, he pulled a face

    Complete idiot. What the bloody hell were you doing.
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    Lilliana Noel

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    Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)   Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) EmptyTue Feb 03, 2015 9:43 pm

    She bit her bottom lip gently as he replied, his words not sounding at all convincing. Had she hurt him in some way? Did she come across as rude, or too inexperienced? What did I do wrong? she wanted to ask, and did so mentally - but of course the man wasn't a mind reader (or at least, she hoped not) so it wasn't as though he even knew she was asking. Truly, she wanted to know. Not to satisfy some curious part of her brain, because she was not the type to get worked up over not knowing something, but rather because she wanted to improve. How was she to ever become a Healer if she upset patients?

    As the man stood up, Lilliana's teeth bit deeper into her lip, taking a tentative step back, because the last thing she wanted to do was eat into his personal space - or him into mine her brain added, but the funny thing was she didn't mind as much. Normally... Well, normally she'd hate it, but the idea of the Auror-in-training being closer to her didn't set off any uncomfortable churns or anything. It was weird.

    The sudden movement of his hand made her jump just a little, but she hid it by very quickly turning to pulling the cart of Healer supplies back towards her, hoping that it would seem as though that was her original plan all along. In all honesty, she hadn't even realized he was still holding her hand - or had she been holding his? Whatever the case (she wasn't sure, and if she started to analyse it she was quite certain she'd go half mad) they weren't touching any more. Smiling shyly back, she wondered if he was feeling as awkward as she was, and she was feeling very much so. Then again, she was often on the end of those feelings while the others didn't.

    For some reason, hearing his name made a slight blush form on her cheeks, and she turned away, pretending to busy herself with arranging items on the tray beside her. A few moments later when she felt the heat subsiding and knew the blush was mostly gone, she let herself look back towards him, smiling. "It.." she swallowed, realizing her voice had not come out quite right. "It was nice to meet you. Don't go fighting any ropes now, okay?" she continued, daring to make a joke.

    Watching him take a few steps towards the exit, it wasn't till a few seconds later that she realized she had forgotten the most important part. "Wait!" she called, her voice carrying just slightly as she raised it as much as she dared to. "C-Christian, hang on a moment! You uhm, could you please fill out this report? I'm a student, and it's an uh, evaluation form," she explained, grabbing the single piece of paper from the bottom of the cart and holding it out towards him.
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    Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)   Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian) Empty

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    Healers-in-Training and Accidents (Christian)

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