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     Jack Kearney

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    Jack Kearney

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    Location : Iverness

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    PostSubject: Jack Kearney   Jack Kearney EmptyMon Jun 08, 2015 11:57 am


    Full name: Jack Kearney
    Age: Twenty-Six
    D.O.B: (Day and month) Sixth of August
    Birthplace: Iverness
    Current location: Laguna/London
    Blood status: Half-blood
    Occupation: Owner of La Belle Nuite


    Jack Kearney Onceuponatime_0106_hook
    Hair style: Spiked or parted to the side
    Body type: Lithe, but muscular
    Dress sense:  High-collared coats l slacks l button-down shirts l suits


    *His restaurant
    *His brother
    *The color red
    *French/Irish cuisine

    *Rudeness [against him; doesn't mind being rude himself]
    *Pity seekers
    *Wasting time

    *Side of his face twitches when he's extremely angry, although he may not look it
    *Tends to drum his fingers on a counter when agitated or impatient
    *Will be sucked into the pages of a book and will not be bothered until he is finished

    *Easy to rise temper
    *Seemingly emotionless

    *Critical thinker

    *Meeting new people

    More Information

    Jack was born and raised in Iverness to a pair of half-bloods. His father was fully Irish, while his mother was French. The family wanted for nothing since Cullen had a profitable bar business within the town, and his mother had come from a family of talented musicians. She, herself, was a prominent opera singer within France, and she was often away performing. She always found the time to come home and visit her boys before she was off again to the next city.

    When Jack was three, his little brother Sean was born. Jack immediately took the title of bully as they grew up together. Boys would be boys, as the other parents always said, but Jack enjoyed being the alpha male; the one on top. However, no one else could pick on his brother, as a pair of muggle brats found out when Jack's lash of magic made them both grow elephant trunks.

    Jack looked over at Sean who stared in wonder at his elder brother who protected him for once. After this, Jack focused his bullying outside of the family. For if he couldn't protect his brother, then what good was he? Attending a private magical academy in Ireland, Jack immediately found himself in the house for those who are cunning and ambitious. And of course, didn't he exhibit those traits wonderfully? When his brother joined him three years later, Jack was once again playing the hero.

    A lot of the girls saw how kind Jack was to his brother, and he found himself becoming more popular as the years wore on. Of course, he still looked at everyone with disdain. It was just how he was. When girls came up to him to confess their feelings, he flat out told them they weren't his type and they were annoying. He didn't have time for things such as petty girls and their complaining. He graduated from the academy with high honors and left home immediately after that.

    He spent some time wandering, trying to find things that he would enjoy doing. Finally, when he was twenty-three, he came across a quaint but expensive looking restaurant in Laguna. He had never truly been to Avalon or London, having spent most of his time between Ireland and France, but it was nice enough. It also had a French name, which he had to appreciate. He stepped inside and asked to speak to the owner, and he and the man sat down for a nice long talk.

    Jack even went so far as to try to converse with him in French, and it was a pleasant surprise when the man answered back. He appeared to know some shaky French, but it was still good. Jack spoke about his own French mother and her singing, mainly her family in general. He offered to be co-owners with the man, who shook his head and mentioned that retiring sounded like a good idea anyway.

    The employees were gathered together and told about the plan, and they greeted Jack hesitantly. Jack spoke about working in his father's bar when he was younger, so he was used to the food scene. The high class restaurants they went to in France certainly helped things along. It was decided the old owner would show Jack the ropes and then be on his way.

    Jack found it fun to hop back into the kitchen to help his cooks in case they got backed up, as it was just as fun running food out to tables and helping seat other guests. There were a few annoyances here and there that threatened to set off his temper, but he had grown up since his childhood years. Putting on a face was something that he could do.


    Father: Cullen Kearney [48]
    Mother: Zéphyrine Kearney (neé Lémieux) [46]
    Siblings: Sean Kearney [23]
    Spouse: --
    Girlfriend/Boyfriend: --
    Children: --

    Other (Optional)

    Wand: Ash Wood; 9 1/2 inches; Dragon Heartstring core
    Broomstick: --
    Pets: --
    School that they went to: A Private Irish Academy
    House they were in: The Irish equivalent to Slytherin
    Other: --


    OOC Alias: D/Dimi
    Best Way To Contact: PM
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    Tess Holmes
    Tess Holmes
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    Healer In-Training

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    Jack Kearney

    Posts : 16
    Location : Iverness

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    Jack Kearney Gameti11

    Fall 2015
    To Sit Among the Sheep
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    Jack Kearney

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